The Dare Game

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Doubleday 2000

Tracy Beaker hates school and so she starts to bunk at an old house. There, she meets Alexander and Football, her strange friends. Tracy lives with Cam, her foster mother, but when her real mom suddenly comes to claim her, Tracy wants a fairytale ending. But will Tracy’s desired perfect ending come true…? Continue reading


Love Lessons

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Doubleday 2005

Prudence and Grace have only ever been to school once because their very strict father imprisons, I mean, homeschools them. When Dad has a stroke and cannot walk or talk for a while, Mom sends the girls to Wentworth High School. Grace enjoys it and makes friends but Prudence doesn’t fit in. The only thing she loves about Wentworth is the art lessons of Mr. Raxberry or Rax. Foolishly, Prudence develops feelings for Rax but a romance is out of the question because he has a wife and two children. How will Prue deal with her feelings for Mr. Raxberry…? Continue reading

My Sister Jodie

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Doubleday 2008

Melchester College: it sounds like a swearword to Jodie but a dream come true to her sister Pearl. At their old school, Moorcroft, Pearl used rely on Jodie for everything but at Melchester Pearl no longer needs her that much. Pearl fits in really well but Jodie with her orange hair and piercings seems rather out of place. Will she ever fit in…? Continue reading