The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: HarperCollins

We have less than three weeks to get out, lock, stock and barrel. Granpa refuses to leave. Dad is gone because of the war. I haven’t had a letter from him recently. There are Yanks (american soldiers) all over the place! One offered me a sweet. Tips doesn’t know what is going on. I hope she will be alright. Continue reading


Born to Run

Author: Micheal Morpurgo

Publisher: HarperCollins 2007

As a puppy Best Mate is rescued from a canal along with his brothers and sisters. His saviour, Patrick, loves him to bits and adopts him but one night in the park something awful happens. What should Best Mate do now? Will he ever find his home again…? Continue reading

Listen to the Moon

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher 2014

One day in May 1915, when Alfie Wheatcroft and his father are out fishing, they find a girl abandoned on an island. She says only one word: “Lucy”. She becomes known as Lucy Lost and is taken in by the Wheatcroft family. They then have to endure endless rumours amongst the islanders about who Lucy is and where she came from. They are curious about her identity. Is Lucy a mermaid, a ghost or perhaps a German spy…? Continue reading