Angels Next Door

Author: Karen McCombie

Publisher: Puffin 2014

Tia is Riley’s best friend forever and used to live next door. Now, Tia has moved to New Zealand and Riley is all alone until… her new neighbours arrive. Not only do they stand out in the way they dress, their behaviour is also very strange. And are the things that happen around them really coincidences? Or is it Riley’s overactive imagination…? Continue reading


The Girl Who Wasn’t There

Author: Karen McCombie

Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books 2014

After being miserable at her old school, Maisie is glad to start at a new school, where nobody knows her and she can start afresh. At Nightingale School, Maisie meets a mysterious girl, Kat with a K. There are rumours that the ghost of a victorian girl roams the school looking for the answer to a mystery. Along with Kat, Maisie tries to learn more about the mystery of the ghostly girl… Continue reading