The One Memory of Flora Banks

Image result for The One Memory of Flora Banks

Author: Emily Barr

Publisher: Penguin Books 2017

She is Flora. At least, her hand tells her she is. She is here and she doesn’t know why or how. All she knows is that she kissed Drake and she can remember it. But now Drake is gone to Svalbard and she needs to find him. Mom and Dad are gone and she needs to find Drake…

Amnesia. Flora Banks has amnesia. She cannot remember anything that happened yesterday or the day before… That fascinated me. I don’t think this book is extremely accurate when it comes to describing what goes on inside the head of someone with amnesia but it is an interesting spin on the way we see life.

My first worry when I started the book was that it would be very confusing and it would only tell the story in snippets of things that are happening. Although this was sometimes the case, it wasn’t all that bad. I actually enjoyed the style of writing because it meant that I knew the things that had happened to Flora previously, even if she herself had forgotten them. I knew what was going on and it all contributed to a lovely book.

The book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger so I would like to see a sequel and I would definitely read it because I enjoyed the story so far. There are three reason why I liked this book.

Firstly, it has a realistic setting but managed to surprise me with a new idea, one that I had not experienced or read before. I was curious to see how the author would approach such a strange and delicate topic and I found that Emily Barr did it very well.

Secondly, the way Barr worked characteristics of a typical teenager into the character of Flora is very subtle and I liked it. In a way, it shows that even if there is something wrong with you, physically or mentally, you are still a human like everyone else with ordinary human ambitions.

And lastly, the characters and the setting of the story were very well developed. I absolutely loved Flora and her quirks and the way she does things. She showed me that no matter how difficult your choices may seem, you have to make them and live with the consequences.

Thank you Emily Barr for a superb read. I can’t wait to hear more from Flora!


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