Night Owls

Image result for night owls jenn bennett

Author: Jenn Bennett

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 2015

Jack and Beatrix are both artists but they could not be more different. Both have secrets that may tear their lives apart but more than that, they can’t help falling in love, even though their relationship is a dangerous one. They know that, after all, feeling alive is always worth the risk…

Oh. My. Word. This book is absolutely fantastic! The comment at the back reads: “A unique and profoundly moving novel. Night Owls wil linger in your memory long after the final page.” I not only agree wholeheartedly with that comment, I will take it even further. It grabs you from the very first page and does not let go even after you have finished reading it.

This book caught my eye in the bookstore. Its physical appearance is interesting and the feeling and smell of the book is glorious. I carried it around with me for a few days after I had finished it, just so that I could feel the soft velvety cover every now and again.

Night Owls is also phenomenally well written. I thoroughly enjoyed Jenn Bennett’s writing style. It swept me off my feet and made me think and fantasize long after my mom asked me to put the book down. It has such surprising contrasts. Jack and Beatrix, for example: the one draws dissected people and the other spraypaints inspirational, vandalizing tall words around San Fransisco. I knew they would fall in love but I did not know how.

And take Jack… The description of this dangerous, very bad Buddhist alone was enough to make me drool. Everything from his pompadour haircut to his amazing leather jacket and overly expensive car, Ghost, was perfect. Well… maybe not his past or his relatives…

Night Owls is so enjoyable because it is strangely realistic. In certain circumstances, these events could easily have taken place. This is the first book that I have read by Jenn Bennett and I will not hesitate to read another. So thank you, Jenn Bennett, I was very, very entertained.


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