Double Twist

Author: Donna King

Publisher: Kingfisher 2007

Laura Lee is twelve and an international ice-dancer along with Patrick, her partner. They are practising for the World  Junior Championship in Montreal, when Patrick hurts his leg, badly. All Laura can think about is the World Championship. She really wants to do it, but it is impossible without a partner. But will she find a partner and teach him everything in time…?

I read this book because previously I enjoyed a book about sport but this one was not as exciting. The story was a little flimsy but the events and people were well described. When I read it, it felt too much like I already knew the story. I could predict what would happen. This story might be very exciting for other people but it is not my type of book. I would recommend it to people who are mad about ice-dancing but it is not for me, thanks!


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