The Girl Who Walked on Air

Author: Emma Carroll

Publisher: Faber & Faber 2014

Louie was left on the steps of a caravan in a circus. She has grown up there and has become a ticketseller and costume mender, but Louie’s dream is to be a showstopper. Yet, Mr. Chipchase seems intent on keeping her hidden. She has a secret talent: walking the tightrope. Her hero is the Great Blondin. When she is offered an amazing opportunity, Louie is not sure whether she should take it or not… Continue reading


The Girl Who Wasn’t There

Author: Karen McCombie

Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books 2014

After being miserable at her old school, Maisie is glad to start at a new school, where nobody knows her and she can start afresh. At Nightingale School, Maisie meets a mysterious girl, Kat with a K. There are rumours that the ghost of a victorian girl roams the school looking for the answer to a mystery. Along with Kat, Maisie tries to learn more about the mystery of the ghostly girl… Continue reading

Het Boek van Beer

Schrijver: Francine Oomen

Uitgever: Querido 2005

Beer’s moeder ging dood toen zij heel jong was. Nu is Beer ouder en heel alleen. Haar broer en zus zijn heel anders dan Beer. Ze is dik en zit altijd te snoepen. Vooral hartjes die ze gebruikt om al haar besluiten te nemen. En langzamerhand kan ze niets besluiten zonder dat ze eerst een hartje heeft getrokken. Ondertussen probeert ze uit te vinden wat er met haar moeder is gebeurd. Zou ze het mysterie kunnen oplossen…? Continue reading

The English Roses: A Rose by Any Other Name

Author: Madonna

Publisher: Puffin 2007

Charlotte is ready to shine at the Year Eight play, but when  Grace gets the leading role instead Charlotte feels terrible. Grace is a fellow English Rose, which means she is in Charlotte’s group of best friends, the English Roses. Can the group pull through or will five inseparable friends soon become four, or even three…? Continue reading

Het Mysterie van de Drie Aapjes

Schrijver: Trude de Jong

Uitgever: Leopold 2006

Freddy zit te surfen en ontdekt opeens Agia’s weblog. Elke dag ziet ze wat Agia schrijft. Agia krijgt dreigbrieven en op een nacht wordt er bij haar ingebroken. De volgende dag krijgt Agia nog een dreigbrief, deze keer over de drie aapjes op haar dak. Eentje hoort alles, de andere ziet alles en de laatste moet zwijgen. Nu is Agia echt gaan zwijgen en Freddy gaat het uitzoeken… Continue reading

Love Lessons

Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Publisher: Doubleday 2005

Prudence and Grace have only ever been to school once because their very strict father imprisons, I mean, homeschools them. When Dad has a stroke and cannot walk or talk for a while, Mom sends the girls to Wentworth High School. Grace enjoys it and makes friends but Prudence doesn’t fit in. The only thing she loves about Wentworth is the art lessons of Mr. Raxberry or Rax. Foolishly, Prudence develops feelings for Rax but a romance is out of the question because he has a wife and two children. How will Prue deal with her feelings for Mr. Raxberry…? Continue reading

Listen to the Moon

Author: Michael Morpurgo

Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher 2014

One day in May 1915, when Alfie Wheatcroft and his father are out fishing, they find a girl abandoned on an island. She says only one word: “Lucy”. She becomes known as Lucy Lost and is taken in by the Wheatcroft family. They then have to endure endless rumours amongst the islanders about who Lucy is and where she came from. They are curious about her identity. Is Lucy a mermaid, a ghost or perhaps a German spy…? Continue reading