Pregnant Pause

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Author: Han Nolan

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company

Elly has always been headstrong, getting into trouble and defying her missionary parents. Now she has got herself pregnant and is forced to marry the father and live on her in-laws summer camp for fat children. She is a sixteen year old pretending to be twenty and a goody- goody two shoes. As a counselor at the summer camp she learns many things, crafting, dancing and most of all what it is like to feel needed. But as her delivery day approaches, she has decisions to make. The problem is that everyone is trying to make them for her. Continue reading


‘Kapot’ is genomineerd!

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Auteur: Carry Slee

Uitgever: Overamstel Uitgevers 2015

Kapot is een van de drie genomineerde boeken voor de Jonge Jury prijs van 2017! Omdat ik voor de Jonge Jury blog heb ik het boek op hun website gerecenseerd. Wel even lezen hoor! Klik hier.

Night Owls

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Author: Jenn Bennett

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 2015

Jack and Beatrix are both artists but they could not be more different. Both have secrets that may tear their lives apart but more than that, they can’t help falling in love, even though their relationship is a dangerous one. They know that, after all, feeling alive is always worth the risk…
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Mijn lievelings-Potter

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Ik geef het toe: ik ben een Harry Potter fan. En zoals een echte fan betaamd heb ik niet zo lang geleden alle Potter boeken opnieuw gelezen en daarover op dit blog geschreven, zie ‘Rereading Potter’.

Toen ik de Potter boeken aan het herlezen was liep ik telkens tegen mensen op, omdat ik met mijn neus in een Potter zat. Na veel ‘sorry’ en ‘pardon’ volgde er dan meestal een kort gesprekje over welk Potter boek het beste is. Uitstekend idee voor een blog natuurlijk, dus hier is… Continue reading

Rereading Potter

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Once upon a time on a couch far far away (from the fridge) there was a girl. She was extremely bored. She suddenly had a whim which she obeyed without hesitation. She picked up her e-reader, settled down in the least ladylike pose she could muster and started to read: “Mr. and Mrs. Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

You get the gist. Needless to say, her boring day very quickly became thoroughly engaging. Now, you may have a few questions. Well, let’s have them, shall we? Who is this odd girl? It is me, on a very unglamorous afternoon. What exactly was this wonderful whim she obeyed? Aha! You ask the right questions! You see, she decided to reread all the seven Harry Potter books for the umpteenth time.(Yes, I know there are eight but she did not read the eighth.)

And here I am to blog about it! Welcome to…… Continue reading